Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

S01EFF01: Kaiser Means Digimon Emperor in Japanese

Episode Summary

This week the Digibate Club made some mistakes.

Episode Notes

This week the Digibate Club made some mistakes.

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Digi Hosts: Garrett, Sporky, Davide, and Syrg

Digi Notes

----- ----- day 0 ----- -----

"I've told you time and again, Tentomon, it's just a quick test!"

"But Izzy! The real world doesn't work the same as the Digital World! I don't think you sh-"

"It's FINE, Tentomon, it's just one side of the room to the other! I'm even grounding the machines in case of a surge."

Ever since a quick jaunt in the Digital World had been sped up by realizing that the Digidestined could be transmitted as data, and thus emailing them across a far distance, Izzy had been curious whether the process was something he could improve upon. With peace at hand, it didn't hurt to give it a go. After all, if you invent teleportation at ten, you're basically GUARANTEED to end up in a good school. Unfortunately, Tentomon was convinced that there were "different laws governing reality here" and that this was a "bad idea". What did he know? He was just the partner here, not the boy genius with the pair of laptops.

"I'm just trying to say that you've got it-" Tentomon began flailing and grasping at his... does a bug have a throat? Questions for later, Izzy thought. Whatever he was grasping at, he seemed to realize what the last few keystrokes had done and began flitting about in an agitated state.

"I didn't want to do this, Tentomon, but I need quiet to finish the last few lines of code. It's just a short-term silence, buddy! I'll make it up to you later." Izzy quickly finished his work, ignoring the bug-being hovering over his shoulder and circling his head. He ran a quick check of the code... no loose brackets, no open quotes, perfect. "Alright!" he shouted. "Let's make history, pal!"

And just as he hit Enter (because that's how you start a program, natch), Tentomon tried a last-ditch effort to slam him away from the keyboard.

----- ----- moment 0 ----- -----

There was a flash, and a smell of burning (that didn't happen before...) and a pain in his arm. Not the arm Tentomon hit, though.

Oh, he was on the floor. That would do it. Momentum travels, especially when your chair doesn't move with you across the room. Ouch.

"Tentomon? What was that, buddy?"

No response. Right. Silence patch. Time to undo that. Izzy lifted himself up, a bit wobbly, and walked back over to the first laptop to fix his tweak. Tentomon was underfoot, and he nearly tripped, but caught himself on a desk. Served him right landing just as hard after that shove. A quick "undo" function and hiS EARDRUMS WERE UNDER ATTACK FROM THE CONSTANT SCREAM ECHOING OUT OF TENTOMON WITHOUT CEASING ANd a quick "redo" command to think.

What the heck was that?!

Time passed and Izzy managed to find some old pain medicine that the dog had before it went, slipping it to Tentomon and seeing if that would make him more talkative and less stabbing-screams-of-an-insecty.

It didn't, for an hour or so. A very long hour of ctrl-z, ctrl-v. Eventually, a somewhat buzzed (hah!) Tentomon was able to calm down enough to explain himself.

"Izzy, your math was wrong. But you didn't want to listen to me, so I tried to stop you... and now I feel like I'm on fire and cold and I can still feel it through the medicine. It's like needles being dragged under my shell, moving over and over. Please, Izzy, please fix this! Contact Gennai! Anything!"

His math was wrong? Impossible. He emerged fine. Either way, he'd send an email about it later, muting his Digimon pal again when the medicine wore off. He needed to ration the three pills left in case he needed more from him later. In the meantime, he began looking over his code again, until he nodded off...

----- ----- day +1 ----- -----

When Izzy awoke, arm covered in drool on one side and keyboard marks on the other from where his head had pinned it, Tentomon was nowhere to be found. This did not occur to him for a while, though, because Izzy had a slow, throbbing headache and a cramp in his arm. He decided it was probably a good idea to take a walk and just get away from the problem for a minute. On the way out, he grabbed a slice of toast and an orange, calling it breakfa-

"Hey there, son. Got a sec?"

Right. His parents would obviously be back by now. So much for the experiment for another while. "Yeah, Dad?"

His father waved him towards the door as he spoke. "No, no, don't hold off on my account, it's a Saturday. Have fun, go play. I just wanted to say that if you have to have a snack in your room, please clean it up. Your mother found the mess earlier and she wasn't too pleased. That's all!"

"Oh, okay. Sorry about that, I guess I just got a little too into something last night, and-"

"No, no! Just... yeah, she was real upset. Must've been a mess."