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S02F02: D I G I M E R G E N C Y

Episode Summary

Garrett, the boss of the Riceball group, is the intended target of an assassination attempt being planned by Listeners. A special combat group, capable of using super powers, was secretly dispatched to carry out this mission.

Episode Notes

A-Listener planned to assassinate
Garrett, the boss of the
Riceball group with a special
combat group capable of using
super power despatched secretly.

The sudden attack by the group
using its super power seriously
damaged Garrett and successfully
threw him into the time space
continum whitch had been
liberated by using super power.

Later, as Fletcher gained power
from Riceball by taking advantage
of the confusion, terrorism
toward A-Listener became much more

On the other hand, the hatred
toward Fletcher within the
Riceball group because of their
cruel acts became bitter and
voiced for restoration of Garrett
became stronger.

Digi Hosts: XI-TIGER

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